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high-tech company since 2010.Dedicated to electric scooters, smart self balance scooter market.Covering 2,000 square meters and nearly 80 highly qualified employees.passed through industry CE (EMC, LVD, MD), RoHS, FCC, UL, MSDS Ceritificate. COMPANY PROFILE
SHENZHEN SANKA TECHNOLOGY CO., a high-tech company since 2010.Focusing on high-tech research and development, dedicated to electric scooters, smart self balance scooter market of high-tech company.We have a step in the forefront of science and technology of electric vehicles, professional team of engineers. Especially, we targeted at the production of electric vehicles and related accessories medium-sized enterprises. Covering 2,000 square meters and nearly 80 highly qualified employees. We are constantly working on new products, updates, and technological innovation, first-class production environment, strict and efficient modern enterprise management system. So that our product quality and improve, passed through the ISO certification ,Safety certification makes our products' quality assured, customers trusted in the industry.

At present our main products involve electric scooters, electric unicycle, self balance scooter, batteries, lithium batteries, passed through industry CE (EMC, LVD, MD), RoHS, FCC, UL, MSDS and other relevant certification. Products have sold in CHINA and abroad .

SANKA has many years of experience in the electric vehicle industry's elite and institutions of higher learning talents. Research and development team has a strong capabilities, unique exterior structural design capabilities and functional design. By obeying the core concept of' technology
creates green energy' we are providing quality products to customers.

With continuous quality improvement and rapid market response, SANKA quickly occupied the place in China and aboard. Currently, our products are mainly exported to the United States, Australia, Chile, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, etc., and have reputation in the local place. SANKA technology step into the forefront of electric vehicle in countries.

SANKA has four automatic production lines, high-end imported equipment, strictly quality control, and advanced testing equipment. our company ensure high-quality products to customers.

'Technology creates green energy'. SANKA science and technology will always adhere to the "reliable quality, customer first, service satisfaction" business philosophy. With the new brand image, continued good service and support, SANKA science and technology will be more struggling to create a more refined unique products to all customers, so that the SANKA in the electric vehicle industry to create a first-class brand.